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Confused, Overwhelmed, or Burned Out
by Home Schooling?

Home Schooling is Fun! When you teach your children at home, you create memories and bonds that last a lifetime.

But...sometimes it gets a little overwhelming. We know how you feel when...

  • You are considering teaching your kids at home and aren't sure where to start.
  • You are a new home school mom that is confused and overwhelmed by all of the choices and decisions you need to make.
  • You are burned out. Has the "new" worn off?
  • You are having trouble "doing it all".
  • You are having Doubts? Fear? Guilt?

Home Schooling Haven is here to offer you help and a reassuring hug. Established by a home schooling Mom who spent 16 years educating her four children at home, you can be sure you are not alone in having experienced ALL of these problems.

home schooling haven

We have been there through the highs and lows, the good times and bad times, the fun times and "yucky" times.

We know how you feel and are here to offer reassurance and answer your questions. That is why we call this site a "Haven." This site is a refuge to you in the "storm" that home schooling can become at times. When you know -

  • Relatives who tell you that you're ruining your child's life
  • Neighbors who think you're "weird"
  • "Experts" who tell you that you aren't qualified to teach your child
  • Friends who tell you your children won't be socialized
  • Co-workers who tell you your child will be permanently scarred because they missed the prom
  • The barrage of suppliers who tell you THEY have the PERFECT curriculum that will solve all of your child's learning problems

As "veterans", it is our turn to "pay it forward" and pass on the help we received when we first started teaching our children. It is our wish to take the confusion, doubt, and "scariness" away. Whatever reason you have for homeschooling, we are here to help you along the way and personally answer any questions that you have.

Let's make teaching your children at home a fun adventure that will create memories and bonds that can never be replaced.